I am a training and media professional, running my own company, Chinstrap Films, LLC. But, my most important work comes out of my role as husband and father. I proudly claim those titles, and firmly believe they are earned every day by being present and involved.

Growing up in a university town in the mountains of North Carolina, I was lucky enough to be part of a couple of different communities. A small rural town mixed with an institution of higher learning.

The son of an Art Professor, I was raised to believe that both of these experiences were of equal value; that the farmers, truckers, and janitors had as much to teach as any of the professors at the university.

As a liberal Democrat, I try to uphold the value that everyone has worth and has something worthwhile to say. We only learn by listening and discussing with those with whom we may disagree. I’m proud to say that I have family and friends who are conservative Republicans, Libertarians, and Independents. We agree on many things like the importance of family, love of country, and caring for other people. The differences come in the way we approach these values.

I am old enough to remember when President Ronald Reagan and Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill were in power.  When the cameras were on, they would go at each other, blaming the other for what was wrong. But, when the cameras turned off, they would come together, discuss their positions, and, united, work together toward a better country and better world. Completely different from what happens today.

Hopefully, with this blog, we can bring back the lost of art of discussing facts and beliefs with respect and with the common goal of making the world a better place.