I wrote and posted this to Facebook on July 2, 2015, after an emotional and controversial week where we had events that could have come from today’s headlines like, cases of police brutality and racially-motivated killings, as well as unique headlines like the Supreme Court rulings on gay marriage and the Affordable Care Act, and the decisions of several states to remove the confederate flag. The feelings expressed below motivated me to start the Spree Speech Blog. So it is a great way to start it off. With all of the division, debates, criticisms, etc, I would like to take a moment and try to bringRead More →

For everyone who is saying they support the police after the shootings of Anton Sterling and Philando Castile. I’m glad that you do, and you should. Police officers risk their lives so the rest of us can be safe. However, I would argue that those of us who demanding that the officers who use unreasonable force be held accountable, are doing more to support the good officers than those of you who are unwilling accept the fact that there are way too many officers who will overreact because of the color of a person’s skin. Remember, the job of the police is to keep everyoneRead More →

July 4th, more than a day of fireworks and feasting. This is the day that we memorialize our notion of freedom. The Forth of July represents, not just the day the US colonies declared independence from England, but when we, as a people defined our concept of freedom and realized our moral obligation to defend this ideal. Freedom to practice the religion of our choice, not one dictated by a government. Freedom to express our thoughts and opinions without fear of retribution. Freedom to be whomever we wanted to be. So today, I challenge you to not only celebrate the day this nation declared independenceRead More →