Okay, I admit it, I’ve been stubbornly opposed to changing. I grew up in the mountains of North Carolina and was raised to say, “ma’am” and “sir.” Living in other parts of the country, I’ve been told not use those terms because, “It makes me feel old” or “I work for a living.” I would laugh, and explain that was just the way I was raised and meant it as a form of respect. Of course, I would refrain from using them again in that interaction. I justified retaining those terms with the idea that we need more civility and respect in our day toRead More →

I wrote and posted this to Facebook on July 2, 2015, after an emotional and controversial week where we had events that could have come from today’s headlines like, cases of police brutality and racially-motivated killings, as well as unique headlines like the Supreme Court rulings on gay marriage and the Affordable Care Act, and the decisions of several states to remove the confederate flag. The feelings expressed below motivated me to start the Spree Speech Blog. So it is a great way to start it off. With all of the division, debates, criticisms, etc, I would like to take a moment and try to bringRead More →